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DARK CRONE is a new occult doom metal band based in Los Angeles, formed in early 2023 by Katie, Megan, and Zander. With their unique blend of heavy riffs, hypnotizing melodies, and powerful harmonized vocals, Dark Crone is quickly making a name for themselves in the metal scene.  Currently working on their first album, the band harnesses the power of the crone to create their unique sound - heavy, haunting and devastating.


Currently the band is looking to play shows and metal festivals in LA and beyond, for the near and distant future.

Photo by Anabel DFlux


Members :

Katie Gilchrest - Guitar and Vocals

Zander Reddis - Bass and Vocals 

Megan Mullins - Drums

Genre : Occult Metal / Doom

Influences :  Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Monolord

Booking :

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